Bring on vacation

Our family is on vacation together this week.  Our last family vacation was 11 months ago, so it is a real treat for everybody to have both mom and dad step away from work so we can enjoy nothing but fun and relaxation together.

After almost 25 years together, my husband and I have vacationing down to an art. I use the term art very loosely; what we actually have is a predictable pattern.  Not unlike our Christmas Eve pattern.

The day before vacation, we both stay at work extraordinarily late trying to tie up every lose end so we can guiltlessly ignore our professional lives for the next week.  In the evening we start the loads and loads of laundry required outfit all five of us for the trip plus ensure that we have clean clothes to start the week once we return.  We also clean house from one end to the other, so the friends who will come in to feed our cat don’t realize the mess that we usually live with. And some time around midnight we start packing.

The real beauty of how my husband and I vacation, where the art comes in, is once our vacation starts. Vacation Day 1. Once we get in the car or get on the plane, we leave our work and concerns and worries of our day-to-day life behind.  We haven’t always been able to do this; it used to take us a few days to decelerate into vacation. (And a few days before returning home we found our minds returned to everyday life before our bodies did.  That didn’t leave too many completely uninhibited vacation days.)

And so we found ourselves at 7:00am Saturday morning, all girls buckled into their seats, leaving our regular lives behind.  Palm Springs here we come!

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