Fabulous Friday

I have two posts “in the works”, but they’re taking much longer to produce than I have had time for this week. Meanwhile, I came across this video last night that I wanted to share.  I think the graphics are very nicely done, but more importantly, I love the message.

We’re at the tail end of campaign season, and it’s been a particularly nasty one, especially here in California.  Seeing the mean-spirited television ads over and over has really deflated me.  It makes me feel sad about what this world has come to, the disappearance of civility, and the environment in which we’re raising our children.

So while this video doesn’t give us a good chuckle, which is what I usually try to do on Fabulous Friday, I think it’s a good reminder that the world is not what we see and hear in campaign ads.

Kindness matters.

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1 Response to Fabulous Friday

  1. TiredMom says:

    Loved it — thanks for sharing.

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