Fabulous Friday

Gah, yes, I know, no new post this week. I’ve been working really hard, and reading a lot of other people’s writing, and working through some post ideas in my head.

Someone forwarded me this video earlier in the week and I LOVE IT!  Wouldn’t it be cool if we all could exude each morning, in front of the mirror, the happiness, confidence, and gratitude that Jessica does?

At what age does our self-talk turn from “I like” into “I hate”? From “I can” to “I can’t”? At what age do we forget to feel gratitude? At what age do we cringe instead of mug when we look at ourselves in the mirror? At what age do we start walking instead of running?

See, you got a post out of me after all!

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1 Response to Fabulous Friday

  1. TiredMom says:

    Loved this!!!

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