Eulogy to Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 came and went too fast.

I adore Christmas; it’s one of my favorite holidays. I love the music, I love the decadent treats we allow ourselves, I love the lights. I love the nostalgia and the anticipation of all that will unfold throughout “the season”.

As we sat down to dinner on Christmas Eve I said to my family and guests “I could have used one more day.” And then in the blink of an eye, Christmas was over and two days later I was back in the office.

But wait, I wasn’t done yet!

We never finished decorating the tree.

We pulled the 3-drawer chest containing our daughters’ ornaments out of the closet under the stairs, and they hung every one that hadn’t broken. But we still had big patches of greenery.

I didn’t bake the assortment of Christmas cookies we enjoy every year. Sure, I baked – dozens of sugar cookies for the cookie decorating party I threw for my youngest girls. But not the favorites we look forward to every year – Three Ginger Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Kahlua Fudge Mounds, Peanut Blossoms, Spritz …

I didn’t write a holiday letter.  I know it’s a controversial practice, but I’ve always enjoyed reflecting over our year and capturing one or two memorable activities for each member of our family. But there wasn’t time this year and, frankly, it seems only the youngest members of this family had a newsletter-worthy year.

(I still ordered our twelve dozen photo Christmas cards though. And keeping with tradition, mailed about half of them before Christmas day. This year, however, I will finish writing cards to our entire list. No, that’s not a resolution, it’s a promise!)

On the morning of the church Christmas pageant, the other mother helping and I looked at each other and sighed in tandem. “This must be what they mean when they talk about the stress of the holiday season,” one of us said as we helped our angels with their halos and our magi with their crowns. Then we took our places and watched the show begin, knowing we had done everything we could do to get it to this point.


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6 Responses to Eulogy to Christmas 2010

  1. MOV says:

    I like your blog. I especially like how you talked about the Christmas cards/ letter being mailed, ahem, late. I think society sets too high of a standard, an expectation, for us to conform to. Last year, I said, “To heck with it!” (well, maybe I said something not quite so “G”-rated) and I mailed out a cute photo card of the boys in April that said “Happy Spring!”. I tell ya, I had a lot of positive responses from that. :)

  2. I haven’t sent cards in years. I buy them, sometimes I address them, and every year we take a family photo – that doesn’t get sent. This year, I sent out cards with photos and a letter. Only two friends commented on the letter. Maybe everyone else thought it was stupid.

    I was happy for creating it and sharing our little tidbits. But…no promise to myself to do it again next year!

    • Oh yeah, but I meant to say I sent about 12. Your 12 dozen would give me a twitch in my eye. :-)

    • Thanks for visiting @workingtechmom; I love your blog! Keep a copy of that letter; in 5 years pull it out and read it again – you’ll be surprised at how much you forgot! And your kids will love it!

      We have friends from other places we’ve lived (and other phases of our lives) and I’m someone who dislikes talking on the phone. Christmas cards are my way of reaching out to say “even though you haven’t heard from us, we really want you in our lives!”

      • lol. I thought you were going to say in 5 years pull it out and send it again….to see who noticed?!

        I agree it is a way to stay connected to people who pass through our lives in many places.

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