Fabulous Friday

Not to be over-dramatic, but I realized with horror this week that I haven’t done a Fabulous Friday post in many weeks. How can that be? I really did let the holiday season get the best of me.

image: scottmoore via stock.xchng

This week has been especially emotionally draining, and I have been in need of a Fabulous Friday since…well…Monday.

  • My company had a huge product launch on Tuesday. As a marketing person on the product team, I’ve been swamped leading up to the announcement preparing marketing collateral and content for presentations, sales proposals, etc. During the launch event itself, at 5:00amPT, I moderated a live question and answer session with our customers.  It was tremendously fun, but also frenetic. (I just wanted to nap afterward.)
  • Three of our friends had serious medical procedures this week. It was really important for me to be present for them, and the way I can best do that is with food.  So I roasted chickens and baked blackberry cobblers and bought flowers and chocolates and trashy magazines.  At night my younger girls and I would walk down the street to deliver our treats and good wishes. (When I was explaining to one of my daughters who I was cooking for, she said “How come so many people we know are in the hospital?” Yeah, how come?)
  • I started a Biggest Loser fitness program at work this week.  I’m really looking forward to the camaraderie of my “team”, having a personal trainer, and pushing myself to be stronger and leaner. But we started out with assessment – weight, girth and body fat measurements, cardio and flexibility tests. It was very sobering.
  • Plus there was the regular business of commuting, piano lessons, spelling test practice, making dinner, laundry, etc. That stuff doesn’t go away when you have more important responsibilities in your week!

On Wednesday evening as I picked my younger girls up from school, I noticed the Wolf Moon, hanging low and orange in the sky. I called them quickly outside to look at it, and we marveled at how large it was and how deeply colored. It sounds trite, but as I stood on the playground appreciating this moon, I was reminded of how truly grand the universe is, how we are a part of something so much bigger than the dirty dishes or the latest product data sheet. I was reminded that I have to look beyond the computer and freeways and telephone wires to remember to breathe and enjoy my life.

My colleagues on the east coast are experiencing their second major snowstorm this week. Here in California we are warm and dry. My children don’t know what a snow day is or the sound of the quiet of a snowfall. This video is for them. And me. And you.

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4 Responses to Fabulous Friday

  1. kristina says:

    Lovely video selection. And may your kiddos someday know the loud silence of snow. One of my very favorite things — when followed quickly with cocoa and a fire.

  2. I can send you some snow…that would help your family and mine. There has been a lot of shovelling in our driveway over the past 2 weeks. Not many times with smiles.

    Sound like you did a great job on the product launch.

    My best wishes to your friends for a speedy recovery. They are fortunate for a friend like you.

  3. tiredmom says:

    I love reading your blog. It’s so honest, to the point, and always seems to mirror how I’m feeling myself. Thanks. : )

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