Fabulous Friday

Today is a school holiday for my younger daughters, which usually means a little slower pace in the morning.  I got up at 6:30am to make lunches, since my teenager has a regular school day, and then crawled back into my warm bed, hoping to get another half hour of sleep. (I was up until 1am last night playing Angry Birds, er, working.)

Unfortunately I made the mistake of checking email in the midst of lunch-making – hard not to do since it was already midmorning for my colleagues back east. Plus I had a 9am meeting with my boss that I hadn’t yet prepared for. I burrowed down under the covers with my eyes squeezed shut, trying to think about anything but work…to no avail.

So I hopped out of bed, put on my yoga pants, and have been on the computer and phone at a frenzied pace ever since.

Fridays used to be the day I could slow down a bit, catch up on all my email from the week, close out my open activities, maybe even knock off a little early. When did things change? In the past year I’ve found my Friday schedule filled with back-to-back meetings, often starting at 7am or earlier. I race, out of breath, to pick up my girls from their afterschool program, glad they are allowed to watch TV (since it’s the start of the weekend) so that I can keep working. If my teenager is with friends on Friday night, all the better because then I don’t have to make dinner or stop working. I just cook some mac’n’cheese for the little girls and let them eat dinner in front of the TV – they’re in heaven!

Fabulous Friday forces me to take a little breather, find something to laugh at, in the midst of a hectic day. This video, that I’ve watched three times already today and played for my girls, makes me smile. I like it because:

  1. I can relate; my house looks like this when I walk in the door (Although I don’t usually react by dancing. Or cleaning.)
  2. The actor is very cute; nice eye candy on Friday
  3. I’m a sucker for pretty much any video that includes fun dancing

Yes, I need a lifestyle change and a check on my priorities. I’m working on that. Meantime, I’ll enjoy watching someone else clean up.

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5 Responses to Fabulous Friday

  1. Cindy says:

    Wow does this hit the spot…on so many levels!!!

    As my senior readies himself for college, I am sure roommate etiquette is number one on his list of top ten concerns. In all seriousness it should make his list given the state of his bedroom and the path he leaves from the door to the kitchen, to the family room, to the bedroom, to the bathroom…If I could dance as well as this video protege, maybe I would consider his tactic for cleaning.

    But no…I am much less gifted and certainly less creative. Is this all it would have taken to teach my children how to clean up after themselves. Very clever. Maybe I will start now. Roommate Etiquette AP: an advanced placement course for seniors intending to live in harmony with their roommates.

    From my inner young woman spirit that resides deep in my soul, this video comes as close to an X-rated video as I will ever see. A handsome young man cleaning…WHAT!!! Yes, I did enjoy this video on many levels!

  2. tiredmom says:

    wow, that’s exactly how I clean my house. ; )

  3. Sorry to hear your Fridays have become so hectic. How did they switch from a day to catch up on emails and work to a day filled with meetings? Can you “book yourself” 1pm – 5pm in your calendar as a start so people can’t book that time with you?

    Loved the description of the video, but is the link gone now?

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