Fabulous Friday

One of my seven year old daughters is extraordinarily compassionate. As a preschooler, after learning about how we have abused the planet, she took on its care – by not littering, recycling, turning off lights, and educating others  – as a personal initiative. She began fishing empty yogurt containers out of the kitchen trash – rinsing and setting them aside for the recycling bin while chastising me for cavalierly tossing them. She chose World Girl for her superhero name. Recently while walking home from a neighborhood park, I looked down to see that she was carrying an empty beer bottle and soda can – discarded items she’d picked up along the way so that she could properly recycle them at home.

I am so proud of this little girl who learned of a problem and decided she could, in her quiet way, make a difference. And I try to thank her for her care and remind her that she’s teaching me.

Wouldn’t it be neat to get a standing ovation for doing the simplest task to make our earth a better place?

Psst… Earth Day 2011 is April 22.  There is still time for you to find a way to get involved – globally or in your community.  Visit earthday.org for ideas.

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1 Response to Fabulous Friday

  1. Kristina says:

    I hope your 7yo knows how wonderful she is.

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