What I’m planning to read on vacation

Next week is our second annual family vacation to Palm Springs.

Our family life has been so busy lately that we are all five looking forward to this time together, just hanging out in and around the pool. Of course I am going to bring along more books than I can possibly read in a single week, but that’s the luxury of vacation — high ideals and lots of choices.

Here’s what I’m packing in my bookbag:

The Happiness Project I bought this at an airport while on a business trip and zipped through the first few chapters, highlighting frequently.  I love this book. I think Gretchen Rubin is my doppelganger in spirit because everything she says about herself describes me. I’ve set the book aside wanting to read it more thoughtfully and taking time to develop my own action plan, so for me this is the quintessential vacation read. (If you’re not familiar with The Happiness Project, you must check out Gretchen Rubin’s blog by the same name.  You’ll become hooked!)

 The Beekeeper’s Lament My husband picked this up for me on a Costco run today. I don’t read enough non-fiction, self-help books excepted, so I’m looking forward to this book that is somewhat biography, somewhat environmental sciences, and promises to be an engaging read.

Saddled and Spurred One of my girlfriends, and only one, knows a little secret about me — that my guilty pleasure is romance novels.

  1. I can read them quickly and don’t have to notice elements like character development, theme, or literary devices.
  2. The best ones revolve around a cheeky, brainy woman.
  3. They always have happy endings.

Romance novels are the dessert at the end of my day. Last night at the surprise birthday dinner she threw for me, she gifted me with this special treat.

The Sweet Life in Paris I’ve been reading David Lebovitz’s blog for a long time, living vicariously through him. So when one of my long-distance girlfriends suggested we read a book “together” this summer and proposed this one, well, it was all I could do to not buy it and start reading immediately.

What do you read on vacation?

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