The coldest winter…

There’s a saying attributed to Mark Twain:

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

That Mark Twain was the source of this quote has been debunked, but nevertheless for those of us who live in the Bay Area, or visit it during the summer months, it rings true.

It’s true because San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are composed of microclimates.  This means that in July temperatures can be in the high 90s in the East Bay (Livermore) and South Bay (San Jose) while it’s barely 60 degrees and socked in with fog on the coast and in San Francisco.

If you visit the beach in January you might find warm weather, brilliantly sunny skies, and waves glistening like sapphires:

If you visit the beach in July, you are very likely to find dense fog and dark waves that churn onto the beach:

We Californians are proud of the quirkiness of our weather. And no matter where we go, or what the weather is like at home, we always bring a sweatshirt!

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1 Response to The coldest winter…

  1. peacebeme says:

    I have read that San Francisco has the coldest average yearly temperature in the continental US. Like if you take averages for the whole year, they are the lowest.

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