The many reasons I love summertime

It has been summertime in our house for 5 weeks or 3 weeks – depending on whether I start counting from the oldest daughter’s last day of school or the youngest daughters’.

Although the pace at my work hasn’t slowed, and the younger girls must go to day camp every day, our family life is so much more manageable in summertime. Bedtimes are relaxed. There’s no homework. There’s a break from soccer and softball evening practices and weekend games.  There are more daylight hours and the weather is consistently good. We go out for ice cream more often.

In summertime I can truly find the elusive work-life balance.

I’ve enjoyed so much already this summer: reading the stack of magazines I’d accumulated, eating salad for dinner, watching the Olympic trials for swimming and gymnastics, wearing sandals to work, and more….

Fresh blueberries. And cherries, nectarines, peaches, melon.  Such a welcome treat after eating Fuji apples and oranges all winter!

The spontaneity of  deciding at 5pm on a Monday evening to go to a baseball game…and driving home in the dark with children asleep in the backseat.

Eating outdoors – and the weekly concerts in our downtown park that allow us to combine picnicking, live music, and visits with friends.

Fireworks – they make me feel awe and amazement and patriotism all at once.  Add a full moon and it’s magical!

Children who are so tired they fall asleep when their heads hit their pillows. My younger girls attend several different day camps throughout the summer and come home happy and dirty, bringing art projects and stories of new friends and new experiences. Each week is better than the last and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Starting…and finishing projects that allow me to feel creative. I have the time to buy paint and other supplies and do the necessary prep work.  I can work outside and leave my project for a couple of days or even the week it takes to finish without worrying about rain.

Oh, there is so much more and summer has barely begun.  And yet by counting the weeks I’m also aware that summertime is finite.  And although that saddens me a little, I know that in 5 weeks or 7 weeks – depending on whether I count to the oldest daughter’s first day of school or the youngest daughters’ – I will welcome structure back into our days and look forward to the crisp air and crackling leaves of fall.

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  1. Indeed. I am truly enjoying summer as well! Yay! love your blueberry photo

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